Upbeat Instrumental Style

jewelry, décor, and objects of delight handmade from recycled musical instrument parts


A drum head becomes angel wings. Wooden violin tuning pegs become an African-inspired necklace strung with ocean jasper beads. A drum cymbal becomes a heart-shaped symbol of love. 

Express your personal connection to music with jewelry, accessories, or décor for the home and office. I make all pieces using reclaimed and repurposed musical instrument parts. Whether a design is one-of-a-kind or limited edition, each piece is unique, having been cut, joined, painted, wrapped, strung and otherwise finished by hand from found objects. 

These materials inspire me to explore the spiritual metaphors in the musician's journey of practice and play and the traditions and craftsmanship of instrument makers.

The distinctive characteristics of found objects, recycled materials and hand-crafted design make each piece unlike any other.

The short film below, by Diana Lundin of Curious Cat Productions, follows Wesla through the process of making a Cymbal of Love (aka Love Cymbal) pendant.